domingo, 21 de febrero de 2016

Tableboard for Pas de Manoeuvre more step beyond!

As "One step beyond" lyrics from "Madness" pop group said, I decided to go a step further and transform my tableboard ( for my Pas de la manoeuvre! rules and turn it into a sort of "kriegspiel" table with wooden MDF squares of 10x10x0,12cm (4"x4"x0,05") of different heights, adding the terrain elevation factor.

To keep each square into position and avoid "dancing pieces" in motion by some random stroke I bought a bag of plastic crosspieces of 1mm wide attached to the board with Ceys glue.

Plastic crosspiece for ceramic floors and walls.

The final result: squares of 10cm (4") , and the previous version of 6cm (2,36") black squares.

To gain time (as Napoleon style) with the work of placement and marking of wooden blocks, I made a cardboard template, marking the center and half of each side, with a permanent blue pen.

To simulate the contours of the terrain, I bought MDF wooden boards of 0,03cm (0,01"), which kept giving different ways.

Cutting the pieces.

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