domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

Tableboard for Pas de Manoeuvre wargames

With the remains of a box for a shower plate that someone left on the street near my home, I made a support for a dark green slate board, 120 cm x 70 cm (47,24 in x 27,56 in), to draw a square grid of 6x6 cm (2,36 in x 2,36 in). The previus design with MSExcel was for a square grid of 8x8 cm (3,14in x 3,14 in).

The wooden shower box plate.

A side view of the rudimentary box

The dark green slate is glued with wood glue to the surface of the box. Various books of some loss-house encyclopedia transform their cultural destination in constructive destination. 

Crosses of 2 cm (0,78 in).


The final size dimensions are 21 x 12 square grid, for a scale of 200 meters/square, a total of 4,2 km x 2,4 km, a relatively comfortable scale for a small Napoleonic battle.

At the end, painting the sides with green colour and varnished wood molding finishing the board. The next and final logical problem is the storage. I bought 4 small rubber wheels, to keep the board "on foot" and be able to move the surface from one place to another.

Big failure!. The weight of the molding table and the little surface base surface makes the joint totally unstable, so you have to add a little weight in the base so that the table does not tilt dangerously.

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